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Momentum is a smart, ‘boutique chic’ range of opulent, textural wallcoverings in a rich, moody colour palette.
An interesting combination of vinyls and non-wovens, the papers include embossed effects, metallics and micas, which enhance the architectural appeal and elegance of the designs.




53 cm x 10 m

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Легкий акрил + стеклярус





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Style Library is a one-stop-destination for home inspiration. It is the place to find the widest and most diverse range of authentic British home and interior design products that will help you bring your home to life, the way that you really want it. We believe that your home is a special place. It’s your sanctuary. It’s the place where you are most relaxed.

A space where can truly be yourself and express your personality and your dreams. At Style Library we’re here to help you find the freedom to release your creativity. Let us give you the power to bring your home to life and together let’s celebrate individual expression. Style Library is now the official home for six of the best British brands: Zoffany, Harlequin, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Scion and Anthology.We want to let you in on a little secret…these brands have been part of the same group for many years. Now for the first time we have brought them together to make your quest for the perfect home a little easier.

With so much in one place you’ll find something to suit every style! Design is at the heart of everything we do and we’re proud to be original. We are constantly delighted and inspired by our in-house designers; arguably one of the most talented teams in Britain. From concept to creation, our collections reflect their unique talents, personalities and handwritings – with astonishingly beautiful results.

We also passionately believe in nurturing new design talent. That’s why we have proudly sponsored the UK New Designers show for over ten years.Our innovation today is built on our teams’ voracious appetite for experimentation, their constant search for new ideas and a heritage of solid craftsmanship and historical importance. We are also lucky to be the custodians of three extraordinary archives, including Sanderson and Morris & Co. This remarkable design library is a constant source of inspiration and brings a unique authenticity to our products.

Did you know that most of our wallpapers, printed fabrics, upholstered furniture, trimmings and paints are Great British products?!The majority of our wallpapers and printed fabrics are manufactured by our sister companies in Leicestershire and Lancashire. We therefore know (and see it regularly with our own eyes) that these factories operate with clear commitments and initiatives towards the care of the environment and sustainability. We are incredibly proud to support British industry and to wave the ‘Made in Britain’ flag.

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