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Lauderdale Villa

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Lauderdale Villa


Dating from 1760 to 1890, these traditional wallpapers were originally manufactured in London to decorate smart city and country homes and each design has a provenance tracing it back to the original house in which it was discovered. Stunning flocks, sophisticated prints and use of vivid colours and metallic finishes bring the archive to life for the 21st Century.


Lauderdale Villa


53 cm x 10 m

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Акриловая краска





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Welcome to our Little Greene range, where high-quality paints with an unequalled depth of colour fuse with traditionally made Historic and Contemporary wallpapers to create stylish and elegant interiors. As a proud Little Greene Paint Stockist, we at Kent Blaxill aim to give you the best service to match this remarkable range.

Little Greene is an independent, British paint manufacturer with records dating back to the year 1773, and the Little Greene Dye Works of Collyhurst Wood, on the outskirts of Manchester is one of England's most ancient industrial sites for the making of paints and dye solutions.

Nearly 250 years later Little Greene still use the highest quality materials available. Committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers, they incorporate many of the natural resins and pigments used in the past for the preparation of their Paint and Wallpaper today.

Whether your looking to create a scheme from a particular Historical period or era, a contemporary take on a previous decade perhaps, or even just looking to create a stylish, modern interior, then this range will have the solution for you.

With over 200 colours and nearly 50 unique wallpaper collections from the archives of Little Greene and English Heritage, over 3 Centuries of English decoration and design history can be told. Dating back to before the Georgian Period, each colour and paper has a story to tell, and each has its own place in the annals of decoration.

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